Corporate Overview

About GWTT

Since the inception of GWTT in 1996, we have been involved in hundreds of groundwater treatment plants and other treatment systems throughout North America. GWTT has performed all aspects of construction, including modifications to existing systems and the construction of entirely new treatment systems through startup and on-going Operation/Optimization & Maintenance Performance. Our rental division maintains a complete line of equipment rentals that are readily available for your project applications.

In calendar year 2012, GWTT treated 16 billion gallons of wastewater at hundreds of our project sites throughout North America. That is more than 31,000 gpm!

Environmental projects, especially large-scale ones, are defined by some seemingly contradictory requirements. They are technologically challenging. They have cost containment as a major initiative. They most typically need to be completed in an expedited manner. This kind of balancing act makes it imperative to find the right contractor for your project. While the field is loaded with specialists and niche players, one company has built a universal reputation for performance according to all three of these measures - treatment process results, budget adherence, and on-time completion. That company is GWTT. With a proven record of success in some of the most difficult projects at chemical, industrial, municipal, and landfill sites across the United States, GWTT has a wealth of capabilities to offer.

Value Proposition

With approximately 250 clients nationwide, GWTT is one of the nation’s leading providers of environmental services. These range from equipment and system designs and supply to the management and operation of a facility’s environmental infrastructures and entire process operation. Our solutions give organizations the flexibility, environmental security and around the clock availability they need, enabling them to reduce costs and focus more intensively on their core activities. Leveraging our portfolio of service offerings, our clients who include utilities, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers to financial institutions, municipalities to petro chemical companies nationwide benefit through performance attainment being delivered at a more compelling Return on Investment (ROI).


Operating Divisions

  • Remediation Equipment 
  • Construction and Refurbishment Services
  • Equipment Rental  
  • Operation, Optimization and Maintenance (O/O & M)