Remediation Equipment Manufacturing

Ground/Water Treatment & Technology, LLC manufactures integrated Soil and Groundwater Remediation Equipment for the retail petroleum, private industrial, and public sector projects. GWTT provides expert design / build and bid to spec process equipment solutions for most remediation technologies.



Construction and Systems Integration

GWTT provides construction and start-up services for many types of groundwater treatment, soil vapor extraction, and industrial wastewater treatment systems. We can install a full range of remediation components including compressed air, high/low vacuum, carbon treatment, and water pumping systems. Our experience and team building approach translates into quality workmanship, timely completion, and budget maintenance for large and small scale construction projects.



Equipment Rentals

GWTT maintains a complete line of rental equipment for environmental remediation projects and industrial wastewater treatment applications. As an environmental contractor we work with environmental treatment equipment and systems on a daily basis. As a result we have a full understanding of how to properly size, apply, operate and maintain such equipment and systems.



Operations and Maintenance Services

Our trained staff of technicians has over 75 years of combined experience in the Operations/Optimization & Maintenance (O/O&M) of soil, water, and wastewater treatment systems. GWTT works with engineering consultants as well as industrial, commercial and residential customers to provide reliable service for all systems requirements. Responsive customer service and guaranteed performance make GWTT a cost effective solution for all O/O&M needs.